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I won my first camera in a mail-in cereal promotion when I was about 10 years old. It was a Bakelite 127 roll film camera. This camera recorded such events as scout camp, my parent's twenty- fifth anniversary, and a train wreck just outside my hometown. I'm not sure whatever happened to that old camera, but it was quite a few years later before I picked up another one.

I re-kindled my interest in photography later on in high school, when I had a chance for a once in a lifetime trip to Paris in grade 10 with my French class. My parents were nice enough to loan me the family Kodak 126 camera to take with me on the trip.

I could cry when I look back at the photos I got from that trip. What I could have done with my present equipment and photo knowledge. Oh well, I'll always have Paris.

My first experience with wildlife photography came about in a most off-hand way....

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