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I used to raise pigeons with one of my older brothers. We raised fancy pigeons for show, and it was at one of these pigeon shows, that, I discovered I liked to take portraits of the birds, still using the family Kodak.

My photo career took a defining turn in grade 12 when my best friend and I were trying to figure out what we were going to do after high school. We were not sure if we wanted to go to college or go straight into the work force; not a great prospect with only grade 12.

One lunch period we were just wasting time when we happened into the guidance councilor's office and started to look through the programs offered by various colleges and universities. I came across photography programs offered at several colleges. The idea of learning more about photography as a profession seemed like a good idea to me. I thought about my few previous photo related experiences, and I decided that I liked taking pictures. I got in touch with several colleges to inquire about grade requirements.

I can still remember my parent's surprise when application forms started to arrive in the mail. They were quite happy that I was thinking of going to college the next fall. They were even supportive when I told them of my growing interest in photography. My Dad had a pretty good 35mm SLR camera and took a lot of photos himself. Actually both parents had cameras which are now part of my antique camera collection, so I guess I came upon my interest naturally.

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